Workshop Topics

Our workshops are available as full day, half day and bite sized sessions.

In advance to sessions we work with our clients to ensure our workshops meet their requirements and leave delegates feeling empowered to take their training out of the classroom and into their business world.

Presentation Skills

A practical workshop suitable for all levels within an organisation where communication is paramount to the success of the business. In terms of personal development, this workshop is an introduction to making significant improvement in the communication skills of each attendee.


  • Understand what an audience needs to hear to buy into your idea
  • Develop your personal style and start to utilise it
  • Restructure dry text into memorable, high impact content
  • Combat nerves, and tackle symptoms of stage fright

Active Listening Skills

The fundamental key to successful communication lies in your ability to actively listen. In one short session, learn how to develop working relationships by showing true understanding of what is being said, and demonstrate your ability to make colleagues and clients feel valued.


  • Identify what prevents and what promotes active listening
  • Help others to listen more effectively
  • Practice Listening with more care and attention
  • Recognise listening as a key skill in effective communication

Body Language

A concise overview of both conscious and unconscious signaling. Develop your understanding of non-verbal communication in order to get a fast and clear insight into what is really being said. Learn to interpret the meaning behind the gesture and improve your ability to read a room.


  • Understand the effectiveness of non verbal communications
  • Use power poses to increase your feeling of confidence in meetings
  • Read secret signals and adapt your own style accordingly
  • Develop your own code to convey assertiveness and understanding

Difficult Conversations

A workshop that aims to explore difficult conversations and finding a way forward from conflict and difference of opinion. Learn how to turn a tense and fraught atmosphere into an environment for positive change and compromise. Identify when to push and when to let go, in order to negotiate a win win situation.


  • Demonstrate empathy and self awareness when communicating
  • Increase confidence when thrown into challenging situations
  • Get prepared to face the conversation you’ve been avoiding
  • Navigate through high pressure environments to a positive outcome
Speech writing

Emotional Intelligence

A session designed for those who manage people and who want to explore new ways of handling and understanding their relationships with colleagues. This will give a heightened sense of self awareness and a deeper insight into human behaviour. Learn why we do what we do in order to show empathy.


  • Understand the actions and behaviours of those around you
  • Build trust, loyalty and compassion amongst your colleagues
  • Resolve emotional exchanges in stressful situations
  • Unlock hidden motivators by knowing what stimulates drive

TED Style Talks

The focus of this training is to develop skills around delivering compelling and concise messages. In terms of personal development, this course will guarantee a significant improvement in the communication and leadership skill of each attendee. The training is designed to empower each individual to become more compassionate and confident in their style of presenting.


  • Equip yourself with a practical Toolbox for creation and delivery
  • Deliver an energetic TED style presentation from a 3 step method
  • Explain complex or dry data in a compelling and engaging style
  • Learn to win over an audience in order to Influence and motivate

Storytelling to Pitch

Create a compelling pitch style in a way that exudes authority, charisma and control. Storytelling and case studies are used to show a unique understanding of your clients issues, and how you are able to resolve them in a way that sets you apart from your competitors.


  • Develop a style that exudes authority, charisma and control
  • Deliver to show understanding of their needs and expectations
  • Use case studies to convince clients that you have a strong USP
  • Understand how to structure a concise, clear and effective pitch

Assertive Communication

Improve your ability and confidence to act assertively, particularly in situations that you find personally challenging. This will increase your capacity to behave in a constructive and positive way in interactions where you need to achieve the right outcome.


  • Analyse and emulate characteristics of assertive people
  • Recognise different behaviour types and their stimulators
  • Enhance your own levels of personal impact and effectiveness
  • Practice using assertive tools and techniques in challenging contexts