The Greatest Speeches from Films

The Greatest Speeches from Films
‘Lisa’s Monologue’ from ‘Girl Interrupted’ from Angelina Jolie

“I’ll never be good at this” Less of a speech and more of a monologue, but still an inspiring delivery by Jolie in a film that passes the Bechdel Test with flying colours. Looking back on the list I’ve put together it’s depressing that so many of these brilliant speeches are delivered by white males.

‘You Are Men’ from ‘The Great Dictator’, delivered by Charlie Chaplin Powerful and poignant, this speech from the great dictator is as important in 2020 as it was in 1940.

In my former blog on ‘The Most Extraordinary Speeches of All Time’, it wasn’t nearly as difficult to add minority’s to list, which leads me to conclude that Hollywood just doesn’t want represent anyone outside of the male, pale and stale bracket. Hardly a groundbreaking discovery, but something that needs addressing.

‘Freedom Speech’ from ‘Braveheart’, delivered by Mel Gibson
It’s no small coincidence that this was being shown on tv (almost on a loop) in the run up to the Scottish referendum in 2014.

‘Mad as Hell’ from ‘Network’, delivered by Peter Finch
Unsurprisingly, Peter Finch won a posthumous Oscar for his role as Howard Finch in ‘Network’. The speech remains as relevant today as it did in 1976.

‘Believe’ from ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ delivered by Gregory Peck
In 2003 the American Film Institute named Atticus Finch the greatest movie hero of the 20 th century, and it’s easy to see why.

‘Seize The Day’ from ‘Dead Poet’s Society’ by Robin Williams
The glorious, bombastic Robin Williams deliverers this speech and everyone watching wonders what their own education might have looked like if they’d had just one teacher who was this inspiring.

‘My Name is Maximus’ from ‘Gladiator’, delivered by Russell Crowe
Why is this one the most quotable one? There’s no scientific reason I can give you. It just is.

‘St Crispin’s Day Speech’ from ‘Henry V’ delivered by Laurence Olivier
Words from William Shakespeare, delivered by the greatest actor of all time. It’s the perfect recipe for success.

‘Greed is Good’ from ‘Wall Street’ delivered by Michael Douglas
In the most compelling argument for becoming a fund manager you’ll ever hear, Douglas delivers one of the greatest performances of his career.

‘Rehabilitated’ from ‘Shawshank Redemption’ delivered by Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman’s voice reading out instructions to operate an electric toothbrush would still have resonance, so this really hits home.