Top 4 Tips to Smash a Virtual Reality Interview

Top 4 Tips to Smash a Virtual Reality Interview
It’s not about the technology

Why are people so nervous about having to do an interview online? It’s because they suddenly feel they have to focus on their use of the technology before the content of their statements. There are loads of free tutorials available on using video calls, so sign up asap, but remember, the quality of your answers is still going to be what the interviewer is most engaged with.

Prepare, Practice, Perform
Based on the above we can safely say that it all comes down to the quality of your content. Write out ten different scenarios (a time you were challenged/led a team/changed a situation etc) and work these into your answers. Practice by getting a friend to video call you up and fire questions at you. Record this then play back and see where you can improve your answers.

Take your time
You’ll have read in previous blogs that VR makes the speaker feel like they have to rush through. Really slow down and take your time. It’s so much better to say “let me think about that” and take a long pause than to rush into an answer that’s speedy and garbled. So don’t be afraid to digest the question and ask the interviewer to clarify if necessary.

Keep it concise
Don’t feel you have to answer each question with a lengthy 5 minute story or once you’ve finished speaking you’ll have forgotten what the question was, let along being able to answer it. Answer the question first, then give the interviewer a real life example that backs up the statement, then conclude by confirming your answer.

Stay safe, look after one another and I’ll see you the other side. Oh, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like any help with the above.