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Edmund is has been a passionate endorser of effective communication all his life. He has been lucky enough to travel the world to pursue his aspiration of teaching students from an incredibly diverse range of backgrounds and locations. Building rapport with staff and pupils from unique backgrounds has required him to understand how to connect, engage and inspire in volatile and high pressure situations.

Previously, Edmund has worked in a boutique communications agency, writing and creating content for big brands, such as Coca Cola, Unilever and Kraft. He now uses his unusual set of skills to empower, enthuse and motivate in the world of business, working with a wide range of clients across all sectors – from recent graduates to senior executives.

Edmund has undeniable joy for the work he does, providing training and facilitation that sets his clients up for ultimate success as they continue their journey through the corporate world.

Specialties: Graduates, Young Professionals, Content Creation, Workshop design, Presentation Skills, Communication, Brilliant Customer Service and Train The Trainer