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Susie Ashfield started out as the voice of middle class products on day time television; everything from Channing Tatum’s latest blockbuster to Jersey Royal Potatoes. This work demonstrated her ability to understand what it takes to get people listening.

Alongside her voiceover work, she worked as an insurance broker, managing a portfolio of high net worth individuals, including celebrities and business high flyers.

Susie began training individuals and companies in presentation skills and voice development when she was asked by Debrett’s to put together a workshop for their graduate course on ‘Effective Communication’.

Seeing a gap in the market for speech training that blended performance art with the corporate environment, Susie qualified as an Associate Certified Coach through the Internal Coach Federation and founded Speak2Impact where she worked to provide clients with a greater understanding of communication, through tone, structure and delivery.

Her training as a professional actor combined with her years in the city as an insurance broker mean that she is uniquely qualified to transform corporate content into energetic, deal making conversations.

As a communications specialist, Susie makes the most of her unique combination of creative skills and her director-level business experience. Susie will enable you to communicate with control and compassion during high pressure or unexpected situations in order to influence and impact any audience regardless of your industry, background or ability.

Susie specialises in coaching clients to deliver high impact speeches and presentations, from effective content structuring, to a delivery that can’t be ignored. As a speaker and trainer, she now runs high energy workshops centred around powerful performance, from deal making conversations to training in ‘TED style’ talks.

Susie helps her clients understand the needs of their audience, and how best to deliver their material in order to make a story relevant. She coaches basic through to advanced techniques; from showing empathy, breathing, projecting to overcoming stage fright. This toolkit equips her clients to deliver a dynamic and compelling performance that has undeniably engaging and packs a punch.